Frequently Asked Questions

At Street View Thailand we complete all work IN-HOUSE. You will receive only the highest quality pano spheres to showcase your business.

The following was prepared to answer the most common questions.


Q) Where will my tour be located?

Your Google Street View® tour will be found on:

  1. Google Maps.
  2. Google Maps App. (IOS)
  3. Your Google Business Listing.
  4. Google Search Result. (see inside)
  5. Can be added to your existing website with many layout options.


Q) Are there additional hidden costs?

  • Google Street View is a 1 time fee.  If you expand your business or renovate we can add or replace outdated spheres or grow your tour as your business grows.  We also offer Advanced Virtual tours and 3D VR.  **


Q) Do you use Googles system for exposure and image alignment?

  • We do our own in-house stitching, exposure and quality controls.
  • We do not use Google Auto stitching which provides poor quality stitching and poor exposure effects on floors and ceilings.
  • We do expose for indoor, outdoor and incandescent lighting for a natural look.
  • We do 1 set of minor corrections. Any large modifications are billed out at an hourly fee. **


Q) Must I have to have a pano every 1 to 3 meters?

  • We do not force Google’s “recommendations” which requires unnecessary spheres.  We believe in a more natural walk through for a better experience for your customers.  **


Q) We have many mirrors and glass doors in our resort?

  • We do not place our camera in the reflection of windows or mirrors or we will digitally remove reflections.  **


Q) How do you move from different areas or floors?

  • Arrows allow users to navigate to and from adjacent spheres.
  • Floor plans and indexed navigation is available. **   View Here


Q) What is the difference between Agency and Trusted Photographer?

  • We are not part of a larger international AGENCY.  An agency hires camera operators that may NOT be Google Certified.
  • A Trusted Photographer is ALWAYS Google Certified and is proud and accountable for the quality of work they provide.


Q) Can we have staff and customers in during a shoot.

  • We do not demand that common areas are empty of people and staff.  People in common areas can add to the ambiance of a tour.  **
  • If you want empty areas we can shoot this way however this is your choice.  **
  • We can tell a story by staging your staff and willing customers.  A personal touch that assists to book rooms.  **


Can I add my company Logo for branding?

  • We do give you the option to add your LOGO for branding.  **


Q) How do we put the tours on our Website and Facebook?

  • We can provide you with the codes for embedding in Social Media such as Facebook.  **


Q) How long does it take to shoot and be online with Google Maps?

  • We provide a quick turnaround and allow you to PREVIEW your tour BEFORE uploading to Google.
  • Depending on the weather conditions we will wait for a good weather day to shoot.
  • After the shooting date, we have  a 1 to 2 week turn around.
  • We offer 1 set of minor corrections and any large modifications are billed out at an hourly fee. **


Q) Do we get the camera  images to keep?

  • Sorry no. Both the original camera images and the equarectangular images are not given to you.
  • If you require the images then you need to purchase the Intellectual Property Rights.  **
  • We reserve the rights to place Panoramas Thailand Logo in the Nadir to cover the unsightly tripod.


Q) How do I verify my Google Business Listing

  • Your Google listing can be verified by phone, email or by mail. We can assist you.  **
  • We can also assist you with Enhancing your Google Business Listing to maximize your marketing effectiveness.  **


Q) Can we add a floor map or a video to a tour?

  • We provide advanced tour features such as floor maps, embedding of pics, videos and even music.  **
  • We can adapt your tour to be 3D Virtual Reality compatible with Samsung VR and Google Cardboard.  **



Setup is very important and should look close to the way when a customer checks in.  We request that your staff-set up all pano locations for the scheduled times of each location.

  • Clean floors, mirrors and all dusting.
  • Lobby clean from clutter and tables chairs straightened.
  • Arrangements- flowers and towel art on bed. Etc, etc.
  • All lights should be turned ON and replace any broken bulbs.
  • Bedding MUST be clean and PRESSED flat with NO wrinkles.

We will assist your staff with final touches of set up.   We require a senior staff to be present to OKAY the setup for shooting at each location.

A re-shoot will only be done if there is a technical issue with a location.  We are no responsible if set up was done incorrectly or something was missed in your set up.  Digital retouching is available to correct any set up flaws. **


**  Extra costs may apply